My design principles

  • In my work, I balance human needs, business goals, and technology. If you put people in the centre, the rest of the pieces fall into place.
  • Keep things iterative, flexible and collaborative. Be open to hearing other's ideas.
  • Rely on your gut for experimentation, but let data guide decision-making.
  • Measure what matters (but not everything that matters is measurable).
  • Below is a small selection of work and teams I've been a part of over the past decade. ⤵️


Relaunching the world’s top meditation app (2x), moving beyond meditation—sleep 💤, movement and fitness 💪🏾, music 🎶, and daily inspirational videos 💫.

Role: Lead Product Designer
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Leading feature design on core and growth initiatives, working on all aspects of the service: monetization/membership, retention, engagement, b2b, mental health and more. Bringing mindfulness to the world with over 2M paying members and scaling from an "app that teaches you how to meditate" to a service that offers sleep tools, music to focus, daily inspirational videos, fitness courses and digital therapy & coaching.

Azilda Flag

Designed my hometown's flag. Dream project. ☀️

A warm sunny (winter or summer) day is represented by the sky. Whitewater Lake is represented by the blue wave beneath it. Azilda Bélanger, the first female pioneer of the area, was said to have incredible healing abilities. This is represented by the sun above.

Growing up, people talked about what the town "used to be" and not what it "could be." I wanted this flag to be something the community could use as a tool to look forward to, and not be a throwback to olden days.

Red Bull TV

Reimagining the future of TV 📺 with Red Bull 🐂

Role: Senior UX/UI Designer
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“How do you build a global digital TV platform from scratch?” was the question that sent Red Bull and Edenspiekermann off on a joint endeavor. Using an agile workflow, and in teams spread across Europe and the United States, we worked with RBMH to define a strategic foundation and product vision. We created a UX/UI R&D lab, augmenting their in-house team to develop and maintain several prototypes, conduct continuous user testing and design the overall interface - launching on 14 platforms from mobile to TV apps.

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