My design principles

  • Put users in the centre and business next to them
  • Work in an iterative, flexible and collaborative manner
  • Not everything that matters is measurable
  • Everything is a work in progress

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Relaunching the world’s top meditation app (2x), moving beyond meditation—sleep 💤, movement and fitness 💪🏾, music 🎶, and daily inspirational videos 💫.

Role: Lead Product Designer
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Leading feature design on core and growth initiatives, working on all aspects of the service: monetization/membership, retention, engagement, b2b, mental health and more. Bringing mindfulness to the world with over 2M paying members and scaling from an "app that teaches you how to meditate" to a service that offers sleep tools, music to focus, daily inspirational videos, fitness courses and digital therapy & coaching.

Red Bull TV

Reimagining the future of TV 📺 with Red Bull 🐂

Role: Senior UX/UI Designer
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“How does one build a global digital TV platform from scratch?” was the question that sent Red Bull Media House and Edenspiekermann off on a joint endeavor. Within an agile workflow, and in teams spread across Europe and the United States, we worked with Red Bull Media House to define a strategic foundation and product vision. We created a UX/UI R&D lab, augmenting their in-house team to develop and maintain several prototypes, conduct continuous user testing and design the overall interface - launching on 14 platforms from mobile to Roku.

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